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Welcome to the James Bay Road website Forums!
Free discussion on most topics relating to the James Bay Road, North Road, Trans-Taiga Road, and the overall James Bay and northern Quebec region is allowed, under the appropriate headings.

This post is an outline of the policies of this forum. All of these are in place for two main reasons: (1) keeping the forum free of SPAM of all sorts, and (2) keeping the forum focussed and on topic.

You must Register to post articles to this forum.
Registration is easy, and is in place to help discourage spamming the forum. All new users must be approved by the forum Admin. Sometimes this means there might be a delay in getting approved (for example when I'm away). But please be patient. And please don't be put off by this policy. It's in place to keep these forums useful and spam-free.
Some forum gimmicks have been disabled to discourage spammers and mining of email addresses, and also to help preserve members' privacy.

If you register and don't get approved it means that I thought you were not a legitimate forum user. If I am wrong and you are in fact a legitimate forum user, then please accept my apologies! Filtering for spammers is not a perfect science!

Forum Guidelines:
-Most topics of discussion are welcome, so long as they relate directly to the forum topics as outlined above.
-Posts that get off topic will be deleted. This is not censorship, it is just keeping things focussed.
-Please avoid personal back-and-forth conversations unless they contain material that is on topic, and would be of interest to everyone. This is not a one-to-one chat room.
-Let's stay focussed! There's already 'way too much rubbish out there on the Internet. Many forums fall prey to off-topic banter and rubbish. My goal is to provide a place where people can exchange and share ideas, stories, experiences and knowledge in a meaningful way.
-Chit-chat posts may be deleted in order to preserve the usefulness of these forums.
-In all cases the forum admin (me) reserves the right to edit and delete posts as I see fit. Fortunately I don't have to do that very often. And I am pretty open about what is allowed.

Please note that there is a zero tolerance policy in effect towards SPAM. If anyone sees SPAM in the forums please let me know so I can delete it and ban the user. Thanks!
Don't waste your time replying to SPAM postings - I will delete your remarks anyways.
These forums are monitored for SPAM. If anything even close to SPAM is found the post will be deleted and the poster banned.
Signatures: These may not contain web links or links to photos. These will be removed when found.

That being said ... Enjoy and participate!!

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