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Km 0: Beginning of the Trans-Taiga Road, starting at Km 544 of the James Bay Road.
Km 0: Junction of the James Bay Road (paved) with the Trans-Taiga Road
Km 6: This is a wide, modern well-graded gravel road.
Km 11: Hydro-Quebec microwave tower: "Castor" - no emergency phone. Hydro transmission lines cross the road here.
Km 21
Km 23: Emergency telephone: "Sakami"
Km 24
Km 24: A nice tamarack marsh-swamp along the way.
Km 27
Km 31: Unnamed lake to the south of the road.
Km 33
Km 46
Km 53: View of a nice lake off to the north a short ways. This lake is actually part of the reservoir for the massive hydro-electric facility at Radisson (where the giant dam is).
Km 56: Sakami Lake. Picnic tables, boat launch, toilets, fishing, camping. This is a very basic campsite, little more than a parking lot, shared with a couple of Cree camps.

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