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You can use the Weather Lookup page to get an idea of when might be the best time to take your trip up to this region.

For detailed weather averages over the years for this area, please see Climate Archive Data for Radisson (more technical).

Please note that Celsius degrees are used for temperature in Canada. Celsius degrees are 9/5 larger than Fahrenheit degrees. To convert Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit degrees, multiply by 9/5 and add 32. The two temperature scales are equivalent at -40 degrees.

There are a few photos of the James Bay Road in the winter on the Virtual Tour pages and also on the Rupert River website.


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When to go

Generally speaking, the warm months are mid-June through mid-September. Winters are long, there can be a lot of snow, and it can get very cold up there. Snow can happen in mid-September. Sometimes the ice doesn't go out of the lakes until mid or even late June.

The days are very long during May, June, July. So if you want to cover a lot of distance and yet not miss seeing any of the road, those would be good months to travel up in this region (June 21 is the longest day of the year). By early September the days are noticeably shorter.

Hunting season is around October or November on (I'm not a hunter so I'm not sure of this).

Black flies & Mosquitoes are a major factor up here. Read about them here.


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