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Km 521

Another unnamed river...

Notice how sparse the forest is along here - that's because not only are you fairly far north along here, but also higher in elevation than along the more western parts of this road.


Km 521

Nice lake and small rapids visible from the bridge.

Km 525

Access road to LA-2 dam and generating station, 7 km to the north. Not open to the public. No services or accommodations.

Km 528

LA-2 airport.

Km 542

Somewhere around here you will be the farthest north you can reach in eastern Canada along a road, except for the rough stretch of the Trans-Taiga Road east of Brisay - there the road goes even farther north, but requires 4-wheel-drive.

Km 574


Km 579

Very close to Brisay - almost at the end (if you're not driving a 4-wheel-drive vehicle)!


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