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Hwy 109 - Amos to Matagami

This is the main route used to reach the beginning of the James Bay Road. It's your first taste of the remote north as you head north.

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James Bay Road


The James Bay Road is the main road through this region. It runs north from Matagami 620 km to Radisson and the giant Hydro Quebec James Bay project.

This road is wide and paved for its entire length, with wide shoulders, and gentle curves and hills.  However, it is still very remote, and it is often drive 15-30 minutes or even longer between vehicles. At night time there is virtually no traffic at all.  The road is generally well maintained, but parts of the road are showing their age, with some bumpy sections.  It is not a Province of Quebec highway - rather, it is owned and maintained by the Municipality of James Bay.

There is only one gas station for the entire length of 620 km, at Km 381. There are no other facilities whatsoever on the entire highway. You need to check in at Km 6.

There are regular picnic and rest areas to stop and take a break. There are also regularly spaced campgrounds.  However, these often consist of little more than a parking lot suitable for trailers. You may instead to choose to camp in old gravel pits, which are plentiful and usually not all that ugly.

Radisson (at the top end of the James Bay Road) has most services, but remember that it is still a small town, of only about 300 people.

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North Road


The North Road runs 406 Km from Chibougamau to km 275 of the James Bay Road, with gas available only at the Cree village of Nemaska (around km 290; 10 km off the road).  There are a few rest areas to stop at.

It is a modern gravel road, with smooth curves and hills.  There is very little traffic - and most of that is trucks.  The first 150 km or so is used by mammoth logging trucks.

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Trans Taiga Road


This is a very remote road that runs 666 km east from near the top end of the James Bay Road. In fact, this is the most remote road in North America. At the far eastern end you will be 745 km (462 miles) from the nearest town!

If you choose to travel the Trans-Taiga Road, please note (I'll say it again) this road is **EXTREMELY REMOTE**

It starts at km 544 of the James Bay Road, and goes east for 666 km. It is a gravel road for its entire length, and you must come back the same way. There are no towns along this road at all, and facilities are very sparse and far between. In the winter you could be in very real trouble if you break down or lose control and go off the road.

For more information on the Trans-Taiga Road CLICK HERE. See also Driving the Trans-Taiga Road.

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