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Km 59: Bridge: "Exutoire Sakami": Sakami water overflow structure. Picnic tables, toilets.
Km 59: This is the channel through which all the water diverted north from the Eastmain and Opinaca Rivers flows north into the Robert Bourassa Reservoir. 


Km 59: On the bridge
Km 62: Robert Bourassa Reservoir. Picnic tables, toilets, boat launch, fishing, camping, viewpoint.
Km 62: The campsite and picnic area. Nice campsite.
Km 84
Km 87: Hydro-Quebec microwave tower: "Aeroport LG3". No emergency phone.
Km 91: Along this road (as well as the James Bay Road) the Cree Indians of the area have established hunt camps. These are the only buildings you will see as the road unwinds beneath your tires.
Km 92: A photo of the typical forest along this portion of the road.

This is the "Taiga:" Black Spruce trees, Jack Pine, and Tamarack, with a thick bed of lichens and moss underfoot.

Km 96
Km 96: LG3 Airport. Emergency Phone (I came past here in 2004 and didn't see any sign for an emergency phone)
Km 100: Access road north to LG-3 dam and generating station (28 km) and Hydro Quebec's Sakami settlement (24 km). Not open to the public. Hydro Quebec interpretive sign.
Km 100: Looking up the road to Sakami.

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