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Km 104


Km 110

A nice view of one of the dams (or more properly called a "levee", since it doesn't block the main flow of a river).

Cookish Bay of the Robert Bourassa Reservoir is also visible here, and from time to time for the next while.

Km 110

Some of the transmission lines leading from the generating stations upstream (to the east).

Km 144

Some hills - at last the scenery is picking up!

Km 166

A nice little pond by the side of the road.

It's good to stop from time to time and get out and look around. Turn off your vehicle's engine and listen to the silence!

Km 170-180: The Road runs along atop an esker. As a result it is narrower, winding and rougher. Nice views along here.
Km 171

Typical road surface along here. The larger stones can cause tire blowouts.

Km 173

This is the section of the road that runs along top of an esker for about 10 kms.

An esker is the gravel bed of a river that ran along inside a glacier during the ice age.

Km 177

Nice views along the top of the esker.

Km 177

And still on the esker...

Km 177

More hills. Note the road is narrower along here, and rougher.


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