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Km 236


Km 286

Nouchimi Outfitters, at Cladonia Lake. Fuel available 8am-5pm. Restaurant 7am-7pm. Rooms available 24 hrs. Open all year. Phone (819) 855-3373, website: www.nouchimi.com.

Cargair hydroplane base (819) 854-4186.

Km 286

In September 2005 fuel was $1.75 per liter (gas & diesel) here, but this was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when gas prices went a bit nuts.
If you're heading east and don't want to stop at Mirage Outfitter for fuel, it is 592 km to the end of the Road at km 582 and back (without 4-wheel drive), or 760 km to the end at km 666 and back (4-wheel drive required).
If you're heading west this is the last fuel available on this road, until you reach the James Bay Road and then drive either north or south. If you're heading west and then north to Radisson, the next fuel is 362 km away. If you're heading west and then south the next fuel is 449 km away at km 381 of the James Bay Road.

Km 290

The Trans-Taiga Road has generally better scenery than the James Bay Road.

Km 292

LG-4 airport

Km 308

View from atop a hill near LG-4 and Keyano.

Km 308

Viewpoint overlooking the LG4 dam and hydro installation to the north, accessed by a steep and narrow road leading uphill. This is marked with the French word for viewpoint, "belvedere".

Km 308

A "zoomed out" view of the LG-4 dam.

Km 308

The lookout platform burned down in a forest fire in 2005. This is all that's left.

Km 337

Nice small lake by the side of the road.


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