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Km 337


Km 347


Km 358

Polaris Bridge over the La Grande River.

Km 358

Mirage Outfitter. Gas and diesel available 6am-8pm. Restaurant 8am-8pm. Dormitory style rooms (very small) available only until 8pm: $75 in September 2005. Telephone (819) 339-3150; website: www.pourvoiriemirage.com. Open all year.

In September 2005 diesel was $1.22 per liter (gas was probably more), but this was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when gas prices went a bit nuts.
This is the last fuel available on the Trans-Taiga Road. To go to the end (km 582, without 4-wheel drive) and back is 448 km, or to the very end (Caniapiscau) and back is 616 km (requires 4-wheel drive).

Km 382

Donat Asselin Outfitter, open during the winter only. No fuel. Phone (418) 661-0580. Fax (418) 664-1881. Website: http://www.pourvoiriedonatasselin.com.

Km 395

Access road to LA-1 dam and generating station, 42 km to the north. Also Hydro Quebec residences. Not open to the public. No services or accommodations.
The Kiskimaastakin Outfitter is located 63 km to the north along this road - phone (819) 853-5114, website: www.kiskimaastakin.com, fuel is available only for their customers.

Past this point the speed limit is 70 km/h, due to the narrower road surface.

km 400


Km 420


Km 443

Nice view of a lake.

Km 457

Unnamed river and bridge.


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